Essentials for a Day on the Water


Gone Fishing

Escaping the monotony of everyday life is easy when you spend it fishing. Before your run off, make sure you have the essentials you will need. A great angler is always prepared.

Fishing Essentials

Aside from your fishing gear, there are some things you will need to ensure a great day on the water. They include:

  • The Right Clothing- When spending your day on a boat, dressing appropriately is key to a comfortable day. If the forecast calls for a warm day, dress accordingly in a light shirt and shorts.
  • Sunscreen- No matter the time of year, applying sunscreen throughout the day can save you from discomfort later.
  • Food and Water- Staying hydrated and energized will guarantee that your trip is not cut short.

Port Aransas Fishing Guides

For a fishing trip that offers a fun time and guarantees the catching of fish, try Texas Coast Fishing. We’re a charter service that operates out of three locations, including Port Aransas. To book a trip, contact us at (361)463-7700.

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