Picking the Right Rod


Fishing Rods

Even the best fisherman need to be equipped with the right rod for their fishing expeditions. When shopping for rods there are a few things to keep in mind when inspecting your fishing piece; action, power, and material.

  • Action- Used to describe how much the rod deflects, or bends, when you put pressure on the tip. Depending on the type of rod, the bend will occur at different points, for example a fast action rod will bend on the top third of the rod.
  • Power- As you might assume, power refers to the strength of the rod. Power is usually rated as heavy, medium heavy, medium, and so forth with the rating varying by type of rod. A heavy bass rod might not feel the same as a heavy offshore rod.
  • Material- The most common materials for rods are graphite and fiberglass, the latter having been in use the longest. Graphite rods are made with a very high temperature to create tensile and stiffness. Many anglers prefer fiberglass for more medium to slow action fishing.

Fishing Guides in Port Aransas

After you have found the right rod, you will want to test it out to see what it can do. The best place to test your new equipment is by heading out on a fishing charter. Book your trip at Texas Coast Fishing, where we always guarantee a catch or you do not pay. Schedule your trip by calling (361)463-7700.

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Essentials for a Day on the Water


Gone Fishing

Escaping the monotony of everyday life is easy when you spend it fishing. Before your run off, make sure you have the essentials you will need. A great angler is always prepared.

Fishing Essentials

Aside from your fishing gear, there are some things you will need to ensure a great day on the water. They include:

  • The Right Clothing- When spending your day on a boat, dressing appropriately is key to a comfortable day. If the forecast calls for a warm day, dress accordingly in a light shirt and shorts.
  • Sunscreen- No matter the time of year, applying sunscreen throughout the day can save you from discomfort later.
  • Food and Water- Staying hydrated and energized will guarantee that your trip is not cut short.

Port Aransas Fishing Guides

For a fishing trip that offers a fun time and guarantees the catching of fish, try Texas Coast Fishing. We’re a charter service that operates out of three locations, including Port Aransas. To book a trip, contact us at (361)463-7700.

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Great Gift Ideas for a Fisherman


Fishing for that Perfect Gift

The easiest way to figure out the perfect gift for that hard to shop for person in your life is by looking at their hobbies. If your loved one happens to be an avid angler, then we have excellent gift ideas that are sure to please.

Gift Ideas

  1. New Equipment- A new rod may be what’s in order for an old pro. You can buy one that is customized with their initials. Or broaden their horizons by purchasing a rod designed for fly fishing or deep sea fishing.
  2. Tackle Box- A well-stocked tackle box is always welcomed by fisherman. Give your angler a new tackle box with all the necessary supplies they will need for an all-day fishing trip.
  3. Fishing Trip- Fishing is an activity that is enjoyable when done solo or within a group. Plan a fun day out on the water on a fishing charter.

Fishing Charter

Book a fishing charter with Texas Coast Fishing, where our policy is if you don’t catch a fish then you don’t pay. You are guaranteed a great time out on the water with our knowledgeable guides. Book a trip by calling (361)463-7700.

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Picking the Right Fishing Lure


Fishing Lures

If your first time out on the water didn’t produce a single fish, the cause may be your lure. Choosing the right fishing lure is dependent on fish size or species and water conditions. If you’re unsure what type of lure to use, we have complied a handy list explaining what you need to know.

Picking Your Lure

  1. Plastic Worms- When fishing for a largemouth bass use a plastic worm. It comes in serval sizes and colors so they are great for larger fish.
  2. Jigs- Jigs are versatile lures in that they can be used all- year round and in warm or cold water.
  3. Spoons- Spoons are the oldest lures and can be used for different species. They are designed to fish below the surface.
  4. Flies- If fishing for trout, use of flies are your best option. There are five different types: dry, wet, nymphs, streamers, and bugs. Each are designed to mimic the type of fly a trout will feed on.
  5. Color- Water conditions will affect the color of bait you choose. For a clear, sunny day choose bright lures. For dark, dirty water days, use darker lures.

Rockport fishing charters

Texas Coast Fishing offers fishing charters in Rockport. Whether you’re a first time fisher or an experienced angler, their expert can help you with anything. To book your trip, contact Texas Coast Fishing at (361)463-7700.

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Meal ideas for freshly caught fish


Freshly caught fish

If you recently came home from a particularly bountiful fishing trip and you’re wondering, “What am I going to do with all this fish?!” Well don’t worry because there are plenty delicious meal ideas for that fish.

Fish meal

  1. Tacos- Steam, grill, or fry your fish and place in a corn tortilla. Top with cabbage, salsa, and lime and you’ll have the tastiest and easiest meal.
  2. Ceviche- Especially great for those days when it’s too hot to even think about turning on the stove. Ceviche is made by cooking the fish using citrus juices and mixing in onions and cilantro. Place on top of a tostada and you’ll have a refreshing summer meal.
  3. Chowder- Or if you’re in the colder months, try a nice steaming bowl of chowder.
  4. Jerky- A healthier alternative to beef or pork, and definitely unique, try making fish jerky. With the use of ginger, soy, and pineapple will transport you to a Hawaiian island.
  5. Sticks- For the kids, try the tried and true fish sticks. Even the pickiest of eaters will want to try out a meal they helped in catching.

Rockport fishing charters

If you have a hankering for fresh fish, book your fish trip with Texas Coast Fishing. With a guarantee to catch fish or you don’t pay, you know you’ll come back satisfied. To book your trip call or text (361)463-7700. Happy fishing and happy eating!


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Fishing for first timers


First time fishing tips

Sea sickness medicine

If you’re prone to motion sickness you may want to consult your doctor or pharmacist before you get on a boat. Ask them what medicine is best to keep that sickness at bay.

Fisher’s license

If you’re under 18 or over 81, you are going to need a fishing license. Usually, you’ll need to buy one the day before you go fishing, ask your fishing guide what you paperwork you may need before you cast that rod.


Ask a fishing guide or a seller at a fishing equipment shop what type of rod would be best for you. You want a rod that can grow with you as you learn.

Port Aransas fishing guides

For first time fishers in Port Aransas, Texas Coast Fishing provide you with a great opportunity to catchTrout, Redfish, Black Drum and Flounder. Whether you’re a first timer or a more experienced angler, they provide a guarantee that you will catch a fish or your money back. Contact them to book your spot at (361)463-7700.

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What to look for in a fishing guide



1. Promptness. You can tell if a fishing guide is the type that likes to get the ball rolling fast and efficiently or if they like to meander by how they work with you in setting up your fishing trip.

2. Always prepared. Everyone wants a guide who is prepared for anything. It makes you feel secure and able to relax!

3. Lots of gear. You might be taking a vacation and didn’t bring all your fishing gear with you, so it’s always a big perk if the fishing guide has a lot of gear, and wants you to use it at no extra cost.

If you’re looking for an excellent fishing guide in Port Aransas, you don’t need to look any further because George Rose is the best in Texas!

(361) 463-7700

720 Beach Access Rd, Port Aransas, Texas


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